Through the years, they belted out everything from Top 40 dance music to hard core Rock and Roll.  While they honed their musical skills and suffered through the hard lessons of life on the road, they searched for new opportunities to put their skills to work in other areas of the music industry.  In the early 1980’s they finally retired from being full-time musicians and started new careers in profitable business ventures. 

Now, after a long hiatus from the music business, the two long-time friends have reunited to form Last Ride Music.  The purpose of this website is to showcase the music of Lee Lobban and Dewey Bond.

Life’s journey has taken them down many paths, but the passion for the music never died. All the songs on this site are original copyrighted songs owned by Last Ride Music, LLC. © 2015

Last Ride Music

Last Ride Music represents a collaboration of two former bandmates, Lee Lobban and Dewey Bond, who teamed up to write and produce music that reflects the years of hard work and dedication they put forth in the music industry during their career as professional musicians.

Their musical journey spans 50 years, beginning in South Florida in the 1960's where they started out in garage bands and teen dance halls before moving on to the “A” circuit nightclubs, where they spent years on the road promoting themselves, in hopes of landing a recording contract. They shared the same struggles that all musicians without hit records or recording contracts have to endure to keep their dreams alive. 

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