Dewey Bond
Arrangement, Composer, Drums

Dewey can’t ever remember not having a pair of drum sticks (or in grade school with 2 pencils) in his hands. Drumming has been his lifelong passion. He played in marching band both in Junior High, and High school and then in College where he majored in Music Education. In the early 70s, while playing with his band in upper state New York, he was fortunate to have the opportunity to study with world-renowned jazz drummer and teacher, Joe Morello. By the mid-seventies Dewey had signed an endorsement contract with The Ludwig Drum Company. This opened many doors for him and he soon became known as a “Hired Gun”, filling in on a moment’s notice for “one off” shows, studio sessions, and several national touring acts. Dewey was honored to be in several of Ludwig’s World Ad Campaigns like Ludwig’s Stable of Stars, and Nobody Builds a Drum Like Ludwig. In the early eighty’s he opted to give up life on the road and invested in his own lighting & sound production company. Today Dewey play’s on the DEATHRIDER/DRUMBIKE, which he designed and built. The bike consists of Roland V-Drums, Zildjian Gen-16 cymbals, and Off Set bass drum pedals. Dewey Has also used Vic Firth drum sticks, exclusively, for many years.

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