CD: Lawless Bones

01 One Last Ride
This song is about an aging biker who has spent years south of the border smuggling drugs between Mexico and the United States.  In an effort to give up his outlaw lifestyle and reunite with his wife and son who live in the US, he agrees to make a dangerous drug run with several gang members.  The run will net him enough money to make a clean break from the gang, however, he’s suspicious the gang has found out about his plans and may try to stage an accident for him.  Even so, the longing to be with his family is much stronger than all the dangers he may face along the way and he is determined to make it home.

02 These Old Bones
This song is about a guy who lost a great love in his life.  One day while traveling through New Orleans, he stops in to see a hoodoo woman. She agrees to “read the bones” for a price, in order to see what the bones have to say about finding his lost love.  The song portrays the longing this man has for this great love and the lasting hope he carries of reuniting with her someday.

03 Favoretta
This song is about a girl that won’t stop running around on her biker boyfriend.  She carries the name of a small community in Central Florida that is located on US Hwy 1, midway between Ormond Beach and the town of Bunnell.  This town has nothing to offer except an auto repair garage, an auto junk yard and several rural homes.  The only way one knows they are passing through Favoretta is by the road signs located on US-1.  Every year, during the Daytona Bike Week and Biketoberfest, hundreds of bikers pass through Favoretta on their way to the Dog Pound Saloon and Black Cloud Saloon in Bunnell.  The infamous girl, Favoretta, is a heart breaker and all the bikers are reminded of this when they pass her way.

04 No Reason Why
This song is for anyone who has ever had a relationship with a person or who has loved someone who has succumbed to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or depression and who has given up on life.  It is a plea for that conflicted person to look around them at all of the pain and suffering they are inflicting on those who love them, in an attempt to turn it all around, before it’s too late. 

All songs written by: Lee Lobban
All songs arranged by: Dewey Bond and Lee Lobban
Vocals and Keyboards: Lee Lobban 
Guitar and Bass: Dave Michaels
Tenor Sax: Joe Bolero
Drums: Dewey Bond
Producer: Last Ride Music, LLC.
Recorded at Studio Live, Oviedo, FL
Photo credits: Stephany Lobban, Editing: Scott Singer
© All Copyrights owned by Last Ride Music, LLC.

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